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Created 24-Sep-13
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"Paradice Island" by Thomas DeSoto"Sunrise through the Bayou" Photographed by Thomas DeSoto"Future Antarctica" by ThomasDeSotoclose-up of "Future Antarctica"Balooga Whale, Close up of " Future Antarctica"Walrus Close up of "Future Antarctica"Polar Bear Close up of " Future Antarctica"Sea HorseClose up of " Future Antarctica""Light Up" by Thomas DeSoto"Seven Dolphins" by Thomas DeSotoClose up "Seven Dolphins" by Thomas DeSotoclose up "Seven Dolphines" by Thomas DeSotoclose up "Seven Dolphines" by Thomas DeSoto"Pipes" by Thomas DeSoto

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Randy Castillo(non-registered)
Tommy your painting are really awesome, I had no Idea that you can paint . I've alway want to paint !!! Cool cool . Hey did you know I worked with Darlene Wyland for 15 yrs. at odetics ( aerospace co. ) we work directly together in the same dept. another FYI .
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