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A personal letter written for Dyson DeSoto to be given to him on his "Seventeenth Birthday" by his father, Thomas DeSoto, Auteur of Photography, aka: “The Seventh Child.”  Final allegory 20 pages for public release.  Copyright 1997. This letter was revisited on behalf of Rorion Gracie on 5-17-2010.



To my beloved son Dyson,

Discerning and interpreting life's harmony and chaos, I discreetly capture special moments in time, with the light of intelligence, my fate predestined, my duties pre-assigned. I travel to places men all reject, focusing intently on all the cause and effect. I'm a visual Epicurean, a cinematic Auteur, spontaneous and open minded, my intentions are pure. I continually anticipate significant moments shortly before they occur, prescient when selecting the best lens and aperture. Blinded for a brief moment by the rapid opening and closing of my camera's shutter, my pondering forefinger finds another fascinating reason to focus on another riveting film exposure. Within hours, latent images are developed, mounted, examined and framed, allowing me to share with many others the true experience gained.

Circling the Globe, I testify to an array of visual truths and trumpery, continually transcending subjective visions of my own reality, unveiling life's secrets and uncertainties, guided by the white light of conscience and verity, arriving on cue from the serendipitous tide pools of timing and intuition, I find myself floating upon a wondrous sea of revelation, in harmony with my milieu and Gods spirited creation.

Now halfway through this creative journey, comes an intense desire to share with my artistic peers of the visual army my own personal beliefs and experiences as a working Photojournalist, Artist and Auteur of Photography. More importantly, I must impart with you, my precious ‘Dyson’, these visual truths devoid of any rules or protective coat of armor, rather to don the whole truth, fashioned with all my ability and honor, as you already prove to be quite the brave and witty charmer. Who knows, perhaps one day you may lead the first cause to a world disarmer!

My acumen is but a ripened harvest of antiquity, nurtured by my own father’s deep love and security; bathed with a life full of blessings and adversity; cultured by a rainbow of skin colors and diversity; used as a sharp tool by nature's laws, conscience and rectitude, life’s journey draws me to conclude; that to become a successful artist certainly takes: a lifetime of fortitude, a stylish way of attitude, a clever sense of latitude, a hungry compelling aptitude, some business sense and a marketing dude with the means to excite the hearts and minds of a great multitude. Only then can you afford this modest livelihood, in order to delve far deeper into this sacred brotherhood of history makers and shaker’s who were all misunderstood. Perhaps in time your own artistic views may become more clearly understood. Providing, you’re at the right place, at the right time, with the right lens, shooting the right film, under the right lighting, against the right background, framed within the right balance and composition, while quickly setting the right aperture and shutter speeds for proper film exposure.

As in most professions, practice makes perfect in the world of photography. Fine timing is achieved when you cast off your jealous egos, earthly desires and dogmatic conformities while yielding your own God-given talents to the needs of Mother Nature and humanity. In time the world blesses all those who show great patience compassion and a strong sense of humility.

In the near future, it’ll be a soft spoken artist who will start a great movement that will abolish all hatred, racism and apathy in this crazy world of make believe. Until then, would you please be so kind as too, cherish your individuality bravely accept this world of continuous change. Learn from all my silly mistakes so you’ll never have to be racking your brain. I know this all sounds very foreign and strange, but once you master a few protocols in life, your own career and lifestyle will transcend far beyond any of your wildest dreams.

Our memories are all that truly exist. They're the only things that we'll ever truly miss. Therefore it would be wrong of me not to insist that I share with you now a few moments of bliss. These are the reasons I share timely seasons. Years in the making and now it’s all yours for the taking. And like all of God's creatures who try their best to survive, the new millennium that will soon arrive. You can bet you'll find these weathered palms opposed, hands clinched tightly with my Nikon in tow, focusing intently, my shutter exposed, capturing many new and exciting images, “With my Eyes Closed”.

Dyson, each time I look into your eyes, my own eyes begin to blur with pride, hoping and praying you'll always be papa's little toy ‘till the end of time!

Your best friend and loving father,

Thomas DeSoto, Auteur of Photography, ECI, LLC.

(This is my final version. Copyright1997. This document was revisited on July 7th, 2007 for public release.)